Q:  Is this just a kids toy like the old button on a string my grandma made for me?

A:  While the SpinGym® science is based on an ancient toy, our modern award winning German design takes the physics of Gyrotronic Resistance Training to a whole new level. Forged from solid aluminum alloy, the SpinGym® is virtually indestructible and stylish to boot. You could carry around 10 pound dumbbells in your bag, or you can carry a SpinGym®!

Q:  Do you guarantee your product?

A:  Yes, we provide a 30 day money back guarantee AND a lifetime waranty* on SpinGym® We also provide a series of Gyrotronic Resistance workout DVD's that are sure to make you sweat!  Don't be fooled by SpinGym's® size,  you will feel the results in less than 30 seconds!

Q: Who will benefit from SpinGym®?

A:  Everyone - from beginners to advanced athletes. SpinGym® is used in shoulder rehab, in senior centers and SpinGym® cardio and kickboxing classes are starting in gyms worldwide.  For athletes--SpinGym® is a powerful warm-up for explosive sports like tennis, baseball and volleyball--and great to carry in your bag before a night of bowling or a round of golf.  And if tight, sexy arms are what you are after--SpinGym® is for you! 

*Lifetime waranty covers all metal parts, not cords.